Terms and Conditions

  1. Maximum Room size is 12sqm, anything larger would be considered as a double room and priced as two rooms e.g. combined lounge/dining room is considered as two rooms in size.
  2. We move only basic furniture including: beds on wheels (where there is enough room within the room to do so), lounges, coffee tables, dining tables, dining chairs, and lamp tables (all weight permitting).
  3. The quoted price may be subject to change upon arrival and inspection from the Technician on the day, and should any further treatments be required. Any extra costs will be quoted to customer before commencing any additional work. Customer can accept or decline any additional work. 
  4. All invoices to be paid at completion of job unless a signed work order is received prior to commencement of job (business customers only). Invoices with work orders must be paid within 14 days.

Any queries, please just contact our friendly team, who will be happy to assist.